Haryana Police Imposes Stringent Security Measures Ahead of Farmer March

Haryana Police Imposes Stringent Security Measures Ahead of Farmer March

In anticipation of the planned march to Delhi by farmer organizations, scheduled for tomorrow, the Haryana Police has taken proactive steps to maintain law and order within the state. With a paramount focus on ensuring the safety of the general public, extensive measures have been put in place to avert any potential disturbances.

A comprehensive strategy has been devised, and a total of 114 companies have been deployed across various districts of Haryana. Among these, 64 companies consist of paramilitary forces, while the remaining 50 are comprised of personnel from the Haryana Police. These units are equipped with advanced anti-riot gear and have been strategically stationed at border areas and sensitive districts, aiming to deter any untoward incidents.

Furthermore, embracing the advancements in surveillance technologies, the police force has incorporated drones and CCTV cameras into their operational framework. These high-tech tools play a pivotal role in monitoring the movements of miscreants and potential troublemakers, enabling law enforcement agencies to swiftly respond to any emerging threats.

A spokesperson for the Haryana Police emphasized the importance of disregarding misleading content circulating on various social media platforms. The public is urged to exercise caution and refrain from sharing unverified information that may incite panic or unrest. It has been reiterated that the police are actively monitoring such platforms and are prepared to take strict legal action against those found spreading rumors or misinformation.

In line with this, the spokesperson appealed to citizens to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities to the Haryana Police helpline number, which can be reached by dialing 112. This proactive approach encourages community involvement in maintaining peace and security within the state, fostering a sense of collective responsibility.

Moreover, in several districts, Section 144 has been imposed as a precautionary measure to prevent any gatherings or demonstrations that may disrupt public order. Citizens are advised to adhere to these regulations and cooperate with law enforcement authorities to ensure a peaceful environment for all.

To stay informed and updated on the latest developments, the public is encouraged to follow the official social media channels of the Haryana Police. These platforms serve as reliable sources of information, providing updates on traffic advisories, security alerts, and other pertinent announcements.

As the scheduled farmer march approaches, the Haryana Police remains steadfast in its commitment to upholding law and order, safeguarding the interests of the public, and ensuring a harmonious environment conducive to peace and prosperity. Through proactive measures and community engagement, the police force endeavors to mitigate any potential risks and uphold the democratic values of safety and security for all citizens.

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